Preferred Title Agency of Ann Arbor keeps you safe from fraud.

Use CertifID to help protect the transfer of your money. 

Is wire fraud really that serious?
Wire transfers continue to be the most frequently reported payment method for fraud with a reported aggregate loss of $446 Million and an average of $195k per victim.
2022 FBI IC3 Report
Warning: Don't get tricked at the last minute!
Fraudsters hack emails and impersonate your real estate agent, title company, or lender to trick you into sending funds to a fraudulent bank account. Do not trust any wiring information unless it comes through CertifID.

Why we partner with CertifID

CertifID is the nation’s leading wire faud prevention solutions. CertifID helps verify your identity securley, prior to exhangingin senstive banking information, so you have peace of mind when transferring your money.

Receive an email and text message from CertifID.

Validate your identity in a few simple steps.

Securely exchange bank account information for a safe transfer of funds.